Institutional Development for Senior Executives

Programme aim Many senior executives make the difficult transition from a background that is professional or technical in nature to one that entails broader management responsibilities. This requires thinking laterally about the needs of their organisations, as well as upskilling to meet new challenges. In rapidly evolving environments, where there are rising expectations regarding service delivery standards, senior executives also have a key leadership role, helping their organisations to reposition for the future. This programme is well-focused to ensure that within the one week, participants are able to learn new skills across key disciplines of change management, finance, human resource management and organisational development. It is tailored to deliver key advice and best practice, as well as creating a stimulating environment where participants can cross-learn and share experiences. It helps those who participate to step back from their hectic day-to-day work and to think critically about the change process, enabling them to consider the sequencing of reforms, the risks of change and how to mitigate these risks, and the challenges of creating a consensus around reforms and performance strengthening. Materials are provided in concise formats to enable rapid distillation, with a strong emphasis on usability. This programme places a particular emphasis on “need to know” advice and information, which avoids excessive detail. This has been prepared on the understanding that “less is more” and that busy executives simply do not have the time to research widely or to undertake lengthy Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programmes. The focus on practicality will appeal to all those with ambition to see results quickly.

What you will learn: • Understand institutional structures • Introduce and sequence reforms • Avoid silos and the challenges of matrix management • Plan at an institutional level: moving from vision to implementation • Finance management and payment by results • Performance measurement and management • Support change and enhance organisational cultures

Benefits of attending – You will be able to: • Lead those around you with greater confidence and direction • Undertake an organisational capacity assessment, highlighting key areas of improvement within your organisation • Take a more strategic approach to leadership • Critically evaluate your role as a leader

Duration: 2 weeks Fees: £3,850 Dates: This programme can be scheduled for delegations of six participants or above. Contact RIPA International for further details

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