Improving Public Service Delivery

Programme aim Personalisation, big data, open data, channel shift, digital and mobile technology are just a few of the phrases been used to describe how public services need to adapt to modern ways of life. This programme will show how to make services relevant to individual citizens both in improving consumer experience and driving out waste and inefficiency leading to better use of tax payer resources. We will use service improvement techniques used by large global corporations to show how they can be adopted to add real value in the public sector. The programme will look at co-production and co-design, open systems applications, market segmentation, customer relationship management, community budgeting, nudge theory and how to use ICT on the front line.

What you will learn: • New and up-to-date techniques used in the public and private sectors to drive customer centred service • Co-design and co-production principles and how citizens can collaborate with you to deliver service delivery • The skills and operational functions in public services that will be needed in the future to respond to a “demanding” citizen approach to use of public services • Why it is important to segment your citizens and have plans that include market research and differentiation that drive improvement • How to use a “Balanced citizen scorecard” approach looking at impact from different stakeholders prospective to evaluate the impact of the changes you make

Benefits of attending – You will be able to: • Understand the most up to date tools and techniques in public sector reform and how to apply these techniques to drive improvement in your own organisation. • Understand how to move beyond citizen engagement and use an “asset” based model by working alongside citizens to improve services • Take a strategic view of how policy and organisational changes happening across governments will need to be linked to your organisation so to make links to get the best results for the people you serve

Duration: 2 weeks Fees: £3,850 Dates: 2 Mar – 13 Mar 8 Jun – 19 Jun 12 Oct – 23 Oct

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