Implementing Talent Management and Succession Planning

Workshop aim Competition for talented people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for organisations to succeed is increasing. It is critical for the HR function to have a strategy to attract, develop and retain talented individuals who could become the future leaders of the organisation. This workshop offers participants the key knowledge and skills to develop effective integrated talent management, leadership development and succession planning strategies to suit their organisations. Practical and interactive in delivery, this workshop makes extensive use of research and case studies to illustrate practical examples of the development and implementation of talent management. It will highlight how these best practices can be modified and applied to the specific context of the participants’ organisations.

What you will learn: • Key issues, risks and challenges for talent management, leadership development and succession planning strategies in your organisation • Talent identification activities • Implement effective attraction and recruitment processes to attract talented individuals • Performance management processes for developing talent • Develop career paths for a range of talents • Develop a range of talent and leadership development interventions for your organisation • Implement a practical talent management and succession planning strategy • How to obtain buy-in for a talent management strategy in your organisation from a range of stakeholders • Measure the effectiveness of talent management, leadership development and succession planning strategies • Develop a measurement methodology for your organisation

Benefits of attending – You will be able to: • Ensure that top management are on board with this critical process • Create a talent management and succession plan unique to your organisation • Identify key learning and development opportunities for ensuring success for individuals and the organisation

Duration: 1 week Fees: £2,300 Dates: 9 Feb – 13 Feb 28 Sep – 2 Oct
This workshop is module 3 of Planning and Developing Human Resource (HR) Capabilities

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