Implementing Sustainable Change

Workshop aim In today’s climate the quality of your change implementation strategies, the processes you adopt, the manner in which you engage your staff and choose to execute your actions will be major factors in determining the ultimate success of your organisational, departmental and team change initiatives. The key to implementing successful change and continuous improvement is to ensure that departmental and team strategies fully support the over-arching organisational vision for change. To do this, implementation strategists must be prepared to take a broader, more flexible view of their organisation, its people and the role that each department and team must play in helping to anchor the desired changes in to their day-today activity. Whether you are considering a small change to one or two processes, or an organisation-wide change, it is common to feel concerned by the scale of the challenge, the upheaval it may bring and the reactions of your staff. You know that change needs to happen but are unsure about where to start. This workshop is designed to address these concerns and equip participants with the confidence to move forward using a structured and logical approach. It is suitable for anyone who is tasked with improving quality of service or output, including senior and middle managers, supervisors, change managers and their teams.

What you will learn: • Develop a phased approach for managing and implementing change • Define your implementation strategies and select appropriate implementation tools • Identify required resources: human, technical and financial • Ensure stakeholder engagement and support • Identify and apply key success factors for the people side of change, including managing performance through change • Diagnose gaps and manage resistance • Collect and analyse data, feedback and monitoring and evaluation techniques • Use templates, guidelines and checklists to help create effective change implementation plans

Benefits of attending – You will be able to: • Prepare change implementation strategies using appropriate processes, tools and techniques • Prepare, guide and motivate all levels of staff for sustainable change • Manage the process of change implementation • Apply appropriate communication and relationship building techniques to anticipate and manage resistance • Use monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess change

Duration: 1 week Fees: £2,300 Dates: 9 Mar – 13 Mar 8 Jun – 12 Jun 14 Sep – 18 Sep 30 Nov – 4 Dec

This workshop is module 2 of Leading Change: Strategy, People and Processes

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