Gender Mainstreaming and Analysis

Programme aim The goal of mainstreaming gender equality is the transformation of unequal social and institutional structures into equal and just structures for both men and women. It is not about adding a ‘woman’s component’ or even a ‘gender equality component’ into an existing activity. It means bringing the experience, knowledge, and interests of women and men to bear on policy making, management processes and delivery of services. Clear political will and allocation of adequate resources for mainstreaming, including additional financial and human resources if necessary, are important for translating gender mainstreaming, and concepts of analysis into practice. (Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office and International Labour Organisation) This programme provides a practical focus applying assessments, analysis, budgeting, staffing allocations and a wide variety of tools and techniques to ensure the successful inclusion of gender mainstreaming across a wide range of policy, programme, and project initiatives.

What you will learn: • Build a shared understanding of the principles of mainstreaming at all levels of your organisation • Incorporate top industry and organisational recommendations to promote gender equity in a number of sectors including • Apply global practices for gender representation in human resource policies and management practices • Employ gender budgeting and reporting into any program • Appreciate the concepts of innovative mainstreaming that can be applied to gender and diverse or marginalised populations in your organisation

Benefits of attending – You will be able to: • Harmonise gender mainstreaming into your organisation taking into consideration the cultural context, gender consciousness, political will, and levels of commitment to support gender mainstreaming • Develop and undertake a gender review, to identify gender barriers in achieving organisational goals and to analyse the effects of gender on program results and productivity • Cultivate practical gender mainstreaming activities for your organisation, incorporating financial allocations and staffing where possible • Create a tailored monitoring and tracking system with indicators and milestones to map your organisation’s mainstreaming progress

Duration: 2 weeks Fees: £3,850 Dates: 11 May – 22 May

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